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Construction of Menstrual Hygiene Management at Ngeruka Primary School. Sept 2022 – Nov 2022.

This much-needed facility is serving 238 girls and 15 teachers at Ngeruka Primary School, improving their health and well-being.

The menstrual hygiene management room was completed using 23,220,000 Rwandan francs of sponsorship funds. We completed the construction within budget by managing the budget and negotiating with contractors. The remaining amount were used to start a sustainability project to help the room survive. We started a Rwf 11,500,000 poultry project with the school to fund the menstrual hygiene management room and this will help in taking care of this room and provide income for the school. We support young girls in the community and believe this sustainability project will benefit Ngeruka Primary School girls and the wider community. This room should be able support 600 young girls by 2023 if it’s sustainable enough to maintain the operations.

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